Iron Shield Terms and Conditions


Iron Shield Service plans covers faulty equipment, all repairs or replacement by the authorized provider. Your service plan includes repairs associated with parts and labor, wear and tear, cabling and switches, dish re-alignments and power surge related problems to the DirecTV system. Iron Shield Service Plans include no cost service calls to a customer’s home and product replacement for life.


Your Iron Shield plan will replace or repair defective equipment with a like model. Some product replacement will be shipped at the company’s expense to the customers address accompanied with return shipping accessories for the defective hardware.

Any and all service calls will be provided to the customer at no cost.

All third party repairs must be authorized by provider before maintenance or cost reimbursements are performed.

All defective hardware must be returned within the time-window provided by the manufacturer


Upon enrollment of the Iron Shield Silver Service Plan you are committing to a minimum period of 3 months or 3 billing cycles. Your first payment will be processed within three days of enrollment. Billing will occur in accordance with your desired Iron Shield Service Plan. Coverage will be applied to all members in good standing and current with all payments.

Your desired Iron Shield Service Plan does not require any deductibles or waiting periods.


Iron Shield Service Plans may be canceled free of charge at any time by either the customer or provider. Iron Shield may cancel coverage for fraud, material misrepresentation or non-payment.

If cancelled by the account holder all payments collected will remain valid and coverage will be supplied through the term.

Note that cancellation of DTV services will not evoke cancellation of Iron Shield services. Iron Shield is a separate entity and cancelation of coverage must be obtained by calling Technical Support.